The Ukrainian Legend of the Christmas Spider

The Ukrainian Legend of the Christmas Spider

There were 134 single family homes sold in November in the Lakes Region communities covered by this report. The averaged sales price was $419,001 and the median price point was $297,450. Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone has heard the classic tales of Christmas about Santa and his reindeer, Rudolph, the three wise men, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Then there is the Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34nd Street, and Christmas Vacation. But have you heard about the Ukrainian Legend of the Christmas Spider? It’s anothr tale about home and the holiday and yes, it is another Ukrainian tale…really.

Christmas SpiderThe story about the spiders and the Christmas tree seems to have several versions but they all end up in the same place. It seems that a long, long time ago a woman and her children lived in a small hut. They had very little money and were just getting by. This was long before welfare and food stamps.

The story goes that one day a pine cone fell from the tree outside. In one version the pine cone fell outside on the ground and in another it fell on the dirt floor of the hut. That means that (1) the poor old gal had a hole in her roof and (2) that this was before the advent of linoleum. In any event, the pine cone took root and began to grow…yup, even inside the house. Apparently, Mom didn’t sweep up much. Regardless of where the tree was, the children were excited because they would have their very own Christmas tree. The children planned all summer on how they would decorate the tree. But, alas, there was no money for decorations. I think perhaps the deadbeat dad forgot, once again, to mail the child support payment. As I said, one version of the tale says the tree was growing outside and that is where it stayed, and yet another says that they brought the tree inside. Not sure that it really matters except that they wouldn’t have had to pick up pine needles if the had left it outside. Anyway, on Christmas Eve they all went to bed knowing that there would be no decorations on the tree. The children were very, very sad and they laid in bed and cried. This is where the spiders come in. They were a family, too.

The spiders heard the little children crying and Mommy spider decides that they should all go out there and spin their beautiful webs all over the tree to decorate it. So, they did…they covered that sucker with cobwebs. I really suspect that the spiders already had some webs on the tree to start with. If a pine cone can grow into a tree in your living room floor while you are living there, then I bet the tree never got dusted to start with. So, when the children got up, they were delighted to see that the tree was beautifully decorated with webs. Then suddenly, the morning sunshine hit the tree and the cobwebs turned to the most beautiful silver and gold strands. Another Christmas arachnid miracle!

Now, there is yet even another version, believe it or not, that has all the spiders of the house banished from the home as it is spotlessly cleaned for Christmas by the mistress of the house. She was a clean freak and hated spiders. I think this might have been somewhere in Maryland near D.C. and not actually in the Ukraine. Their webs were all broken as she flailed her broom and feather duster into every corner and crevice. The poor family of spiders had to scurry deep into their hiding places up in the dark attic. As they retreated, some of the younger spiders had gotten a quick look at the Christmas tree and wanted to see it again. They had also heard that the Christ Child comes to the bless the house at midnight… you have to ask yourself; how do spiders know this stuff? The elder spider in the family said that they couldn’t go back. It was just too dangerous. But the young ones badgered the old guy until he relented. The old guy said that they could go down on Christmas Eve while everyone in the house was fast asleep.

Spider websShortly before midnight, the family crept down to the tree and they couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. They were delighted to look at all the beautiful ornaments and lights. They were enthralled as they crept from one ornament to another and as they scurried about, they weaved they silky webs. Pretty soon the tree was covered with silky strands. Just then, on cue, the Christ Child appears. He loved the little spiders, but he realized that the mistress of the house would be really upset with all the cobwebs on the tree when she awoke. Having the divine wherewithal, he reached out and touched the cobwebs turning them into strands of silver and gold. Thus, tinsel was invented.

spider websSo, what’s this got to do with houses, you ask? Well, it just goes to show that no matter what kind of house you live in; whether it has a dirt floor, a hole in the roof, or a house that needs to be thoroughly cleaned, you can still have a nice Christmas if you let the spiders do their thing.

spider webs

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